Check ToyFare #96 Aug. 2005

August 8th 2006
11:47 AM CST I've added some new figures to our gallery. They are both for sale as well in the for sale section. If you're interested, just shoot us an e-mail stating which one you're interested in.

We hope you are enjoying our work.

Mauler Super-Adaptoid

June 8th 2006
4:50 PM CST Well folks, it's time for a laugh!

I deleted the .php file that allowed you to send us e-mails! I don't know how long it has been that way but it is back up and running. I do feel like such a boob when these things happen. =P

In any case; if this were to happen again, the address is: Customs @ : Just copy, paste, and take out the spaces.. I only do this because I really hate spammers!

I'd also like to take this time to tell everyone that we're starting to take commissions again. Summer is here and we have a bit of extra free time, so if you see something you like, just shoot us an e-mail from the Contact page.

We are also offering something new, a For Sale section. You can find it on the Order page.

May 1st 2006
8:36 PM CST Added Shadowcat v2.0 to the gallery, she is up for auction as we speak, and will end seven days from now. Good Luck!

Shadowcat v2.0

April 20th 2006
3:12 PM CST Added Nitro and our new Doc Samson to the gallery! Enjoy!

Doc Samson v4.0 Nitro

March 24th 2006
7:33 PM CST Added Caliban as Death to the gallery! He's for sale on eBay if you're interested!

Caliban as Death

March 22nd 2006
8:33 AM CST Added Sentry to the Gallery.

Sentry v5.0

March 19th 2006
10:38 AM CST We've added some more customs to the gallery. Gladiator v2.0, King Hyperion, and our first group, The Guardians of the Galaxy!


Gladiator v2.0 King Hyperion Guardians of the Galaxy

March 8th 2006
7:55 PM CST As you can guess, we've added another custom to the gallery. Drax the Destroyer! We are going to put him on eBay later on this evening, so check our auctions tonight! Here's a picture in the mean time.

Drax the Destroyer

10:06 AM CST Ok, as you can see I've updated the site once again. I've added a HowTo section, a Contact form, as well as change the entire look of the site.

You'll notice the Custom Spotlight over on your left. Each week we will add new custom to that box. These will be ones we've recently put on eBay, ones that are currently for sale, or ones that we think are super awesome and you just have to see!

The HowTo section is going to need some work, but once I'm done with it, it will be your one stop shop for custom tips & tricks.

But right now, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Krafty Werks Custom Family. It's Comet from the Nova Corp!


March 1st 2006
10:22 AM CST Yep, you guessed it! More updates! <(^_^)>

Doc Samson Guardian

Febuary 21st 2006
9:13 PM CST Again with the updates? Why don't you just do it all at once?!?!?

Sorry for that, I forget about some things, so I add them as I go. Here's another gem for the collection. Krafty Werks Adam Warlock.

Adam Warlock

Febuary 20th 2006
9:13 PM CST Once again, I've added a new charater to the gallery, and he's also been put on the action block. So if you're interested, Click Here. I'm sure you won't be dissapointed.

Hyperion Graviton

Febuary 19th 2006
9:00 PM CST Ok folks! I've done a lot of slackin', and I'm so very sorry. =(

I've added a few new items to the Gallery.

Banshee 90s Captain Universe v2.0 Devil Slayer Count Nefaria v2.0

Just for a peak. ;-)

Oh yeah, and we have a little something on eBay too!

We hope you enjoy it. =D

November 22nd 2005
11:08 AM CST !!!HUGE UPDATE!!!

I've added tons of new images to the gallery, and I'm going to be adding more later today. The new ones are easy to spot, just look for the white background.


October 25th 2005
6:12 PM CST Added Marvel Legends 11 Wonder Man variant to the gallery, he will be up for bid tonight!

October 12th 2005
7:25 PM CST Added the Mandroid to the gallery. He will be for sale later this evening on eBay if you're interested.

September 26th 2005
5:12 PM CST Updated the layout of the site. How do ya feel about it?

September 12th 2005
10:12 AM CST Added Silver Sable v2.0, Paladin v2.0 Sentry v3.0 Classic Magneto and Captain Mar-vell v2.0 to the gallery.

September 9th 2005
10:58 AM CST Added Machine Man v2.0 and Fixer v2.0 to the gallery.

6:22 PM CST Added Captain Britain to the gallery. He is going to be up for bid later on this evening.

September 2nd 2005
6:12 PM CST Added the West Coast Avengers Hank Pym, Classic Blizzard and Doc Samson to the gallery.

If you're interested, WCA Hank Pym and Blizzard are up for bid on eBay.

August 28th 2005
6:12 PM CST Added Killer Shrike to the gallery. He is up for bid on eBay if you're interested in him. =D

June 25th 2005
2:56 PM CST Added new pictures of Count Nefaria and Guardian, and also added a new version of Wonder Man.

You'll also notice that I have put our customs in alphabetical order. Last time we had the his/hers deal going on. I decided to change that since we both "tag team" each others figures anyway. ;-)

I also added a table of contents, makes it easier on you. Yeah, I know we don't have much now, but soon enough!

Keep checking back for more updates!

June 24th 2005
10:10 AM CST Added Classic Falcon to our gallery.

June 13th 2005
7:20 PM CST Added Paladin to our gallery. He will be up for auction later on tonight!

Thanks for looking!

June 12th 2005
8:05 AM CST Come chat with us in the Krafty Werks mIRC channel. If our chat portal does not work for you, you can always download the full mIRC program here.

Port: 6667
Channel: #KraftyWerks

Quick reference to mIRC's commands.

June 11th 2005
5:32 PM CST Due to overwhelming interest, there is a 6 - 8 week waiting period for custom completion.

May 7th 2005
11:01 AM CST Added the Wizard to the Gallery

April 25th 2005
8:42 AM CST Added Silver Sable, Classic Captain Marvel & Gladiator to the Gallery

April 14th 2005
11:38 AM CST The rest of the site is basically done! The only thing left to do is the about page.

6 AM CST I wish I could find a toy web site with RSS/XML. I wanted to put a feed on this main page. You know, for the nerds like me!

April 13th 2005
I grew a wild hair and decided to design something new. So I spent a good part of this afternoon creating what you see in front of you.

I figured we needed something that was up to par with our customs.

The only page that works right now is the gallery. But I should have it finished tomorrow!


- ElWampa